Or are you Americans interested in Country music or religion? They call it a god particle anyway. :d

It's one of the biggest discoveries in yo life and god says that you must read this:

It's the last piece of The Standard Model of particles. You've got like 12 particles that make atoms or stuff. (btw atom backwards is mota). Plus 4 forces or bosons, you can imagine them as particles too and they represent 3 fundamental forces in the universe. Electromagnetic force, photon, ya know, the light falling into yo eyes. Strong force, gluon, it holds quarks or atoms together, Smash them and then boom boom in Iraq. Weak force, W and Z boson, yeah they are two for some reason, it's something like radioactivity, really bad for Russians. But, there is also 4th force, gravity, but that's outside the Standard Model because Standard Model is kinda dumb. You need to have 4 fundamental forces united to have a theory of everything, so far electromagnetic and weak forces are united making Electroweak force, I guess mathematically, I bet you hate math so keep dividing by zero. Strong force is in, but it's not united yet as far as I understand and gravity is even harder to unite. Higgs boson is 17th one giving mass to particles, ya know some Higgs field spontaneously breaks their symmetry, very simple stuff, now you know why do you weigh so much. As I've said, the Standard Model is kinda dumb, then you need theories like supersymmetry which actually might become true soon, LHC is working at around 50% right now, if they upgrade it to 100% in couple years we might actually find Dark Matter particles, it's 20% of the universe. 4% is normal and visible matter/atoms/particles. The rest is Dark Energy which is not particles.