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Thread: Just a bit down tonight.

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    Default Just a bit down tonight.

    Ok, so am uterlly depressed. I have been seeing a phsyc about for months now and i thought i was getting better. I find the shit things in life find me. I seriously dont know if i can ever be as happy as i was when i was married to my husband that was arrested 3 years ago.

    He as you all know was arrested for a conversation over MSN that discussed his girlfriend who was underage at the time. well this puts him automatically on my countries child protection list. The dilema is i found out i can not have children due to a reaction to the contraceptive injection (depo pro vera). Seeing he cant adopt or foster i, wanted him and i to have children of our own and left. I am still close friends with him and have the worst pain inside all the time. anyone who is married or in a serious relationship would understand why it hurts.

    I tried to move on and have a new boyfriend now but i find all my family judges me for it. They dont understand why i am getting divorsed or why i would date someone new before the papers are finalised. I also find they dont care. I was on my own when the police trashed my house, threatened my life and had to work 3 jobs to support him and my twin sister with her epilepsy. After all the hard times i finally got through uni and lifted my grades and started a post grad degree. No one came to my graduation or deans award ceremony which meant so much after what i went through in uni.

    I guess i just feel a bit alone and like a failure. Hoping this is theraputic......... Apparently getting it out helps. =S

    Sorry for getting all emo on you.

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    Good for you for telling us. It always helps to 'get it out'. And maybe if Jojan had a life, he might understand what you're going through. Sorry about all this, and I hope it gets better for you soon.
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