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Thread: I hacked the internet and...

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    Default I hacked the internet and...

    ...found out that the new album got pirated 12 000 000 times worldwide. It's a new Smash or Americana. Just kidding.

    Now seriously, where are the pirated charts? Who's hiding them? Let's pirate pirated downloads.

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    I dowloaded it too, even though I have the album. Probably tried 2 or 3 before I found some sort of quality. Just saying the number may seem higher than it really is.
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    Uh, I usually rip my album instead of downloading it.

    I have this thing with Offspring albums that I'd rather buy them first without listening to them because if I listen to them first, I may not buy it.

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    I downloaded it because I needed it on my mp3 player and couldn't wait for the release. I did buy it too and have the CD sitting to my left. I'm contributing to the piracy charts and the regular charts .
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