Not to long ago a good friend of mine started dating another friend of mine. I hungout with them a few times before telling her that I wasn't really down to hangout with just them anymore. Apparently she took this pretty hard, she said I was getting worked up over nothing, being an asshole, being a crybaby, etc. Wow, it sounds a lot worse than it was, she said all these things, but over the course of weeks and not in an upset tone or anything. Anyway, it's nothing like that, I just simply do not enjoy hanging out with couples. I told her if they were going to be with even just one or two other people I'd totally be done, but just the two of the was I enjoyable and a little awkward. Still, she thinks it's a out of spite or jealousy or something.

Shortly after they started hanging out I was talking to another good friend and he randomly brought them up and how he doesn't like hanging out with them. He and his girlfriend* went on some kind of double date with them and apparently they really didn't like it. He also told her that he didn't want to hangout with just the two of them, albeit in a much more rude way.

So I guess what I want to know is, am I being unreasonable and selfish? Should I have tried avoiding them as much as possible and keeping my mouth shut? Should I have just taken one for the team, continued to hangout with them, and not mention it? I don't know, I figured honesty was the best option, maybe not. At no point was I ever upset about them, but she's certainly upset now, and her boyfriend thinks I hate him.

*I don't like hanging out with just the two of them either.