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Thread: Is it unreasonable to refuse to hangout with couples?

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    Try this on for size. Imagine you've recently made a big move and are now living in a strange city. You only know one person in this city, an old friend that you are now living with. Before making this move you were under the impression that your friend was single, having very recently been dumped by his girlfriend. After making this move you discover that his supposed ex-girlfriend actually has effectively moved in to the flat and is around every single moment preventing you from doing much of anything with your friend. Instead of the anticipated video game marathons you get to watch your friend kiss and cuddle the person who takes advantage of him and routinely dumps him. You get to watch him make her cups of tea when he doesn't even want one himself, make her food whenever she's hungry, fetch things for her from other rooms and, seriously, run her bath for her.

    Yeah, I don't think I like hanging out with couples anymore. Though my current reasons are rather specific, I actually agree with basically everything Cody was saying.

    Now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever seen a friend truly act like himself around his girlfriend.

    Quote Originally Posted by DMelges View Post
    There's always the jealousy factor too you know. Mostly in my case, I think my friends are jealous that don't have girlfriends, so they don't like seeing me with mine. Yes it is stupid but that's the way people are I guess.
    Or, instead of jealousy, perhaps you are simply reminding them that they are lonely and that makes them sad. Would you want to be around people who make you feel sad? Nothing stupid about that. Also, you actually meant envy, not jealousy.
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    I'd say it depends on the couple. I personally get along really well with my best friend and his wife.

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