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Thread: The Offspring have copied Foo Fighters?

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    Post The Offspring have copied Foo Fighters?

    I have learn an old song from Foo Fighters, Times Like These, and the intro is almost the same as Days Go By. The song Times Like These is a song from the album One By One (2002).
    The Offspring where inspired from Foo Fighters?
    From 0:07

    From 0:18

    Days Go By is better than Times Like These
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    Are you from 2011?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GamerKT View Post
    Are you from 2011?
    I don't understand your question

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    yes, we know. This comparison has been floating around since the first incarnation of the song debuted back in 2010.

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    Don't feed the trolls kids.
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    Yes we know. And Green Day stole "DoubleWhiskeyCokeNoice" to write American Idiot.

    Apologies on the closure. This topic has been discussed to great length. You'll see here that the earlier versions of the same song were far more similar.
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