I hope the mods forgive me for putting this here, but I want this to get noticed and about "Your Band"... people check out that section not that often these days. If anything is wrong, just say it!

We have been keeping this a kind of a secret until now, but oh well, here goes. Four slovak members of the BBS have formed an occasional Offspring Revival Band(occasional because the members live 500 kilometers apart)! We have prepared a 20-song playlist which we will play for the first time together this saturday on a minifestival called "Slepačí Úlet"("Chicken Run"). The band consists of:

JANNY - drums
Dexterone - bass, backing vocals
JAAKUB15 - guitar, backing vocals
me(dff_punk) - guitar, *ugh* main vocals

The setlist is a surprise for now and I hope the BBS will support us and wish us luck! We are really stoked to play these songs because we are all long-time fans and The Offspring is in the veins of every member, so it'll be like a dream come true! Thanks for your support and there is a high chance the whole concert will be recorded! Stay tuned