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No Crossroads? No Tehran? No Nothing from Something? No Forever and a Day? No Something to Believe in? I guess I don't have to regret not going there that much after all
Really? We might change up the setlist a little if you organize something in Trnava :P

Anyway, you don't know what long debate preceded the final setlist. We wanted to play a lot more songs, but we're not machines. And if you want to cover every album and not leave out at least the most important hits(we were not playing it just for us you see) it's really a hard job. It would be so much easier if The Offspring just had less good songs. I admit, we were arguing a lot about the setlist, some of us wanted this song, the other wanted that song, etc. and we are really happy to come out with this compromising setlist Now I see how hard it is for The Offspring themselves!

P.S.: Our special version of Cruising California was originally in the setlist, but we left it out. If we ever perform again(I hope we will), we might play it someday!

P.P.S.: I will have the videos within a week, sorry for the delay.