Although it's totally great that for example it's been a year since we first heard Days Go By, I'd like to inform you there are people who play songs from The Offspring and working hard to justify their legacy. Haha. The second gig went great, we even had two encores which were unrehearsed, people were having so much fun, and so did we, and we have VIDEOS! Coming really(and this time I mean it), really soon. Here's the setlist with a lot of deep cuts to keep you interested:

1. Get it Right
2. Come out and play
3. One Fine day
4. Kick Him When He's down
5. All I want
6. Nothing from something
7. I choose
8. Hypodermic
9. Gotta Get Away
10. Dividing by zero
11. Slim Pickens
12. D.U.I.
13. Staring at the Sun
14. L.A.P.D.
15. Come Out Swinging
16. Gone Away
17. Amazed
18. Pretty Fly
19. Beheaded
20. Bad Habit
21. The Kids aren't Alright
22. Cruising California
23. Forever and a day
24. Self Esteem
ENCORE 2(unexpected):
25. Blitzkrieg Bop
26. Want You Bad

There will be videos!