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Thread: Are we under attack?

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    Default Are we under attack?

    I read that "There are currently 124 users online. 7 members and 117 guests". That is a lot of guests. Is the community under attack of bots trying to get in, or can it be that there are a lot of people just browsing this place?
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    Yes, we are losing troops all over the place in Delta sector, there's an APC in Alpha sector, and our HQ is taking heavy mortar fire. Our soldiers cannot break through to supplies, and reinforcements are already engaged. Bravo sector has zero visibility due to smoke shells. Charlie sector is Oscar Mike, and engaged in intense battle with 20+ foot mobiles from the Southwest direction. Air power is engaged and unable to provide ground support. Our Hinds are down, and evac for wounded troops is delayed by enemy AA positions. We can't hold out much longer. Over and out.

    Normally, I might mention the military here, but I won't.
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    I think the BBS might be getting attacked, yesterday the site was down for about a hour. And i think it was because of spammers.
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    Its only missed a couple. A good job, it does.
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    Or what? Or you'll leave as soon as someone returns your rudeness and delete all your posts? I'm so scared.

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    The hackers, trolls, spamers, bots, or just random fans. Or is it the spying government or shady media/crtics of tabloids/journalists etc....

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    When I saw "155 spammers denied registration," I was, like, WOW!
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