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    Hi everybody,
    Just stopping by hoping you will check out Tonight We Strike. Tonight We Strike is a punk rock band from the South Jersey/Philadelphia area(featuring former members of The Rumblers), our sound has been compared to Bad Religion, The Clash and Pennywise. We have a free E.P available for download here:

    We are currently planning on self releasing a 7" and we are trying to raise the funds with our kickstarter, we hope you'll check us out and if you like what you hear maybe you can help us make a new record.


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    I see the resemblance to BR. I don't really have any critiques. The vocals are great, the instruments are great, the recording of the songs is great. I have no complaints. I look forward to possibly hearing more in the future. Keep at it.

    We're Going Down is my favorite.
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    So really, The Offspring is only Ron. The rest of the band left. O_o
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    Well thank you.

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