We never rush people out, ever. Even if it after 10, the most we do is turn off the music.

We just finished restaurant week, which is essentially this city wide promotional deal to get people out to local restaurants. Anyway, we've been fucking swamped since it started Saturday before last, until it ended on Sunday. One of my coworkers made a reservation for a group of 5 at 8:30. Whatever, no big deal. Her party doesn't all get here until 9ish and they don't leave until 11:30. She worked a lot of restaurant week, so she knows how awful it was. She knew this was the last night and that everyone was desperate to get off so we could finally have our day off. I can't speak for everyone, but I worked 6 restaurant days straight and basically wanted to die. Then, get this, on an $80 bill she tipped nothing. I guess it's common not to tip your coworks, I had no idea. Still, she paid for someone else's meal, kept her coworkers an hour and a half late, and still didn't fucking tip?

Anyway, the owner/head chef/boss is typically here all day and the last to leave at night. He doesn't want us refusing service before 10pm and he doesn't let us push people out at all. We've literally sat people at 9:55. Sometimes they're good people and hurry out quickly, or we have exceptionally busy night where we can't sit people till 9:30 and we end up with 6 tables at 11. That doesn't really bother me. It's that two top that came in at 9:45 when we were dead and apparently too fucking brain dead to realize it's shitty to stay until 11:30 when you finished eating at 10:45, or their just to fucking entitled to care.