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Thread: I always highlight text on this message board so it's easier to read.

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    Default I always highlight text on this message board so it's easier to read.

    It's never good when you have to do that.

    Does the "Days Go By" background theme really have to be transparent throughout the whole text region? It's kind of painful to read large blocks of text the way it is. I feel like if you just keep the trees and stuff in the margins then people will pretty much get the point and the artwork will still serve its purpose.
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    I tend to highlight the paragraph on any article that I read online. I have no particular issues on reading the text on this web page.

    The background adapts with the size of your window. Of course the text texture depends on you browsers font rendering and all of that. It might be hard to make a good solution, but to make the transparent less so might be simple enough to give a try.

    People will have to be able to write more properly, make proper paragraphs and have a blank line between them.
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    Have you tried the"white version"? There is a drop down menu in the bottom left. I usually use it, especially during the day.
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