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From where I sit, there's very little difference between the two anyway.

Bighead, I frequently find myself asking this question to myself when I read your threads, but maybe it'll help to ask you: Is there a point to this? I know you said just curious, but usually when I say that, I know I'll be using that information toward further analysis later. I have plenty of black friends who act in ways I'm sure you're thinking of as black. But I don't think of it as that, really. They're cool, chill dudes just like my other friends.
I guess it's just about my perception of blacks and whites living in two very different worlds. In my experience, when your average white person has a black friend, that black person tends to be the type of black person that is relatively more acquainted with things that are associated with white culture and things whites can relate to.

So this could indicate that when the cultural bridge is crossed, it much more often black people crossing the bridge than white people.