Godxilla, why won't you just fuck off? Haranguing someone doesn't create a situation in which you can claim you're a victim, though I realize that creating a narrative in which you're the poor victim from the mean power-mad moderator is a much more romantic notion. Seriously, just. fuck. off. I could have banned you, I didn't, somehow this means I'm power-mad, I don't care. Your obsession with me is fucking creepy.

Moto, I totes got some sweet Offspring swag, but the main thing I got from it was the recognition / acknowledgement. Even when I was getting endless shit from douchebags on here, knowing that Dexter had my back has been very important and was why I stayed for as long as I did. I seriously can't say enough about how awesome Dexter is. Every regime needs a change, and the boards are in excellent hands.