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I think you're obsessed with arguing.

Fun Fact: Last year, LM1565's New Year's Resolution was to get in 20% less arguments. After averaging only 22 arguments a week for a few months, she deemed it a successful New Year's Resolution.

Fun Fact Number 2: When someone argues with 1565 and forces her to admit she was wrong, she goes reclusive for a couple weeks and stays in her room obsessing over ways she could have won the argument- like Howard Hughes style.
Bighead, when you're trying to look less obsessive, it's generally helpful to make it less obvious that you're just trying to make it look like the other person has more problems, because damn.

Also, I'm not sure I've ever taking a couple weeks away from this forum. So there's that, I guess. At least I'm not contacting French sociopaths to come and do my dirty work for me because I couldn't get it done :\