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    Quote Originally Posted by Little_Miss_1565 View Post
    Bighead, you don't get to lead a literally years-long campaign of harassment against me and have me treat you nicely. Not gonna happen. So fuck off already. I'm not a moderator anymore so just fucking stop it. You want me to "leave you alone," well first step would be fucking off. That includes badly veiled "questions" of the current moderator staff trying to undermine previous decisions I made, which, believe it or not, were made in consultation with the other moderators.

    You post about having Asperger's, you post shit against me, I have something to say about it, and suddenly OH MY GOD HOW DARE SHE. Seriously, fuck you.

    Everyone else, if you're so fucking sick of this shit, well, that makes all of us. But he won't stop because I tell him to.
    A) I never asked you to treat me nicely, I just pointed out that it was messed up how you acted when I revealed that I (supposedly) have Asperger's.

    B) I never said "leave me alone". You're creating your own narrative again. You JUST insulted me completely unprovoked while trying to insist that you still have the right to judge me despite my apparent condition.

    C) Regarding the thread I made about IP addresses and bans, you're acting like you HAD to respond there. That just isn't true. First off, it was just damned curiosity. It's not even like it was a pressing issue at the moment and your help was needed. Second, despite you insisting it, there's absolutely no reason you had to get involved in that thread.

    D) So because I've said things you don't like, it ought to be ignored that A) you were insulting towards someone who revealed that they have Asperger's, as well as being anxious to lay down the law about what you think constitutes proper judgements of a person with Asperger's. B) You started with me unprovoked.

    Literally amazing. Four different points, four MAJOR flaws in her thinking. And to think she insists on posting it all with that attitude despite being blatantly wrong and misleading.
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