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    Every time a person tells Baldwin there's something wrong with them, he thinks it's a shameful plea for attention. Oh, and don't forget kids, Baldwin has never done anything stupid or shameful in his entire life, which is why he has the right to act the way he does towards people.

    Anyway: FYI: I talked to my pyschotherapist last night and she explained she's certified to give diagnoses on DSM 4 conditions. Not only that, but not everyone who has Asperger's needs to go to a neurologist, especially when it comes to adults who found out later in life.
    Bighead. You do not need to have an unblemished record of perfection to point out that it's pretty manipulative to post that you're dying and then admit to having no diagnosis. I don't know Dulce's status in the scheme of things, all I know is that she's a very sweet girl who appears to be challenged in the written form of communication. Additionally, you post as though everyone is giving you an unnecessarily rough time because you apologized and attempted to right past wrongs, which you've never done once here. Not like Justin's ever apologized for past wrongs, but he also doesn't bellyache about people not liking him for it. You might want to consider that in future posts.

    Additionally, someone posting about having cancer and then you insisting on making the conversation about yourself is behavior typical of someone with Asperger's. But unless you're planning to do anything with your diagnosis than obsess about convincing everyone that you have it, please consider shutting up about it because you basically blew that card.
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