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For years, I thought he just had a dark sense of humor, and liked to tell people who are full of shit what they probably need to hear in a comically insensitive way.
You mean you actually used to be right about something? I suppose the law of averages dictates...but still.

Justin actually routinely offers exceptionally good advice, particularly to people who don't exactly deserve it. Unfortunately they're usually too messed up in one way or another to see it and I suspect Justin enjoys that. But whether he's a sadistic asshole or actually wishes to help is basically irrelevant. The fact is he's worth listening to. A lot of what he says about you, for example, seems spot on. Everyone here agrees with the assessments, yet Justin is fairly unique in that his criticisms offer genuinely good advice (sometimes) as to how you could better yourself. But you won't ever listen, and this probably provides him with a modicum of amusement as he offers you occasional tidbits of advice that could lead to the betterment of your life, secure in the knowledge that you almost certainly won't even consider the value of his words.

Imagine you're drowning and Justin offers you his hand. If you accepted it he would not hesitate to save you. But he knows you won't accept it, and this combination can be rather amusing. See, most of the time Justin isn't inherently good or bad. Instead he allows you to see whatever you want to see in him, and in so doing acts as a mirror revealing your own issues. You would never believe Justin might actually help you because you would never help him. Helping others probably doesn't rate highly for you in general.

I would even suggest that even in his heyday Justin didn't really persecute anyone. He only identified their flaws and laid a magnifying glass down for all to see. Or located their latent self-destruct sequences and provided a catalyst. It's really very artful and, in a sense, morally neutral. The subjects of his attentions tend to implode of their own free will. Justin himself is well aware and in touch with his own shortcomings as a human being and as such is immune from any form of triggering. The way you accuse him of believing he is in fact flawless again simply shows how he acts as a mirror. Your narcissism tells you that you are a flawless being, yet you look upon Justin with awe and feel threatened. The resulting cognitive dissonance requires you to throw criticisms at him that would more accurately apply to yourself.