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Most people don't even relaize what socialism actually is. The term is abused. The basis of socialism is no private property. Everything is owned by the state or government and all goods produced nationally are controlled similarly by the state. Want to run your own business someday?...you can't. The state owns it. Think of a good invention?...submit it to the state. You want a better life for your family by working harder than the next guy and achieving wealth?...go fuck yourself, submit it to the state. Want a new car?...keep your 1980, good enough. Want to eat more, nah, you need to lose weight anyway ya fucking pig. The food will be disributed and you'll get what we (state) tells you to eat.

Anyone who lives in this country who actually considers themselves a true socialist or what we have socialism is a fucking idiot. We have become more and more dependent on the government because we are getting lazy and Obama encourages people to be as such. You allow 47% of the people to not pay federal taxes and then promise them more free shit on the backs of working americans, you have a 47% canned vote. You need only convince 3%-4% and you win.
... Isn't that the definition of communism ? And I mean Cold war russian communism ?

Because you know... the Socialist party here, (and I vote for them so I am called a socialist) is a moderate left. They think that some business areas should be ruled by the state (like trains and electricity for example), and it actually didn't work so bad for us...

Socialists, french version, also mean that it is completely normal that everyone should have access to healthcare and enough to live decently. They basically think that paying taxes to the government is completely ok.

But I think under the US conception of what is left wing, even Sarkozy would be considered left-wing. I realize, when I watch the US elections, how moderate we are in politics.