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Thread: They are shooting the music video for Turning Into You

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    A new video has what it takes to give value to this album, and Turning Into You sound like a good song for a video.
    Besides the fact that it's my favorite song .....
    However, I would have chosen other songs to make a video:

    -All I Have Left Is You
    -I Wanna Secret Family
    -The Future Is Now

    Among these three I would have liked "The Future Is Now" my second favorite song

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    I'm going to close this thread now, because there is not/will not be this particular video. No one seems to be bothering to look back a little in this thread to see the multiples posts confirming it was shelved.
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    Or what? Or you'll leave as soon as someone returns your rudeness and delete all your posts? I'm so scared.

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