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Thread: More analysis of "The Big City Liberal"

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    The believer is just blindly following. The atheist believes he's thought outside the box and has found the real truth. But the big city liberal elitist is above all of this, and is anxious to show both how foolish the reasons for their beliefs are.

    The traditionalist adheres to what he's been taught from his superiors without much questioning. The punk rocker believes he's found a better way by not conforming to this tradition. But the big city liberal knows that his elite logic makes him superior to both.

    A common man proclaims that "all races should be treated equally". But the big city liberal sneers, and begins to imagine that unlike him, this man would be unable to recommend a progressive policy that ought to be considered to crucial to achieving true racial equality.

    No doubt, the big city liberal believes himself to be in an elite category. A paradigm of morality, constructiveness, and honesty. But upon getting to know one of these folks on a personal level, what do you find? And what would you expect to find?

    You find a person that going through life pretending that they have no significant personality flaws or eccentricities that could, at any point, cause their actions to be inconsistent with the morality and etiquette they espouse. For most people, there is an unfortunately frequent struggle to rectify and understand the exact reasons why they've failed to adhere to their own convictions. Because of this, a person will often have to question themselves, and must live with the insecurity that accompanies this. However, this is not the case for the big city liberal, who possess a special fortitude and virtuousness that places him above this type of dilemma.

    Too add to the frustration, the big city liberal is notably eager to elicit a response from others by virtue of his stated beliefs and pretensions. A conflict is present. On one hand, the big city liberal wants others to realize that their way is right and they have no excuse to not be living this way as well. On the other hand, the big city liberal believes that very, very few people are capable of this, and furthermore, they'd prefer that it continue to be an elite group anyway.

    The response that they attempt to elicit from others is such that they should feel obligated to act a certain way, but at the same time, subtly imply that they are incapable of it without offering any real solutions.

    Alright, "big city liberal" is a stupid term. So what, you probably know what I mean anyway.
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