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Guys, I think by "preaching about morality," he means "posting a cogent response that Bighead can't disprove because he is factually incorrect," as well as potentially "just because you're not racist means you think you're better than Bighead, you bunch of arrogant not-racist dicks."
Again, you'd have to be completely delusional to think that you haven't constantly posted things related to morality and judging others on these boards.

I get the strategy behind trying to make me defend MY behavior, but I'm not going to, because I've been upfront about it many other times. My analysis hinges on two things that are simply true to anyone who isn't crazy: 1) that there are many members here who have constantly posted about things relating to morality 2) these same people manage to avoid ever mentioning or giving the impression that they have flaws as well. I'm sorry, but somethings just not right about that.