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Thread: More analysis of "The Big City Liberal"

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    Quote Originally Posted by bighead384 View Post
    Why is everything you say so geared towards having the momentum in an argument and putting your opposition on the defensive? As clearly stated, I do not think you have had moments where you acknowledge that you aren't perfect, which the above question for me wrongly assumes.
    Oh really, because this thing you said in THIS THREAD seems to contradict that.

    Quote Originally Posted by bighead384 View Post
    You're right. She's very humble and willing to share her own flaws in light of her constantly writing about morality and pointing out the immorality of others on this board.
    You are crazy.

    "1565, you are such a bitch for making it more difficult for me to harass you on this forum by not highlighting your flaws for me so I can pounce on them, because I've been obsessed with you for years. You are not allowed to make an argument on this forum without acknowledging some fault or flaw in yourself, and I'm also still constructing this imaginary group of your friends that do the same thing."

    Now THAT would be putting words in your mouth. However, it also seems oddly true to form.
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