The more bighead posts here, the more I simultaneously feel bad for him and find him incredibly creepy. Some things bighead has shared here about himself:

- He sees the world as more bad than good - more bad people than good ones.

- He's not very good in school.

- He has confrontational, paranoid, clingy friends.

- Other friends of his are just complete assholes.

- Still others do things that are "fucked up" and "deserve whatever's coming to them".

- He's not motivated, inspired, or excited to give much of anything back to society.

- Other people don't like him.

- He finds morals to be incredibly complicated (which is probably part of why he has a problem with other people having morals), and had friends who stole from him and who are molesters.

- He claims he's been addicted to drugs.

- He still hates people in general, expects the worst of them.

- He has a hard time being positive about things.

The guy seems incredibly depressed and lonely. He also seems rather creepy, and like a complete asshole.