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Does everyone need all his shit?
No, but it's called ignoring.
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Extremely disappointed that quotes from someone on my ignore list don't get blocked.

That said, Godxilla, you don't have to white knight everyone on the opposite side of an argument from me just because you're butthurt.
I'm disappointed too. I thought that I might be able to speak my mind without your asshurt musings about how everyone besides you is a miserable fuck.
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Haha, bighead's closest ally here thinks he's odd, racist, and creepy. Fabulous

I love how you say these as though they're bad words... I'm pretty okay with those labels.
I'm only allied with him because he could use a little help. Y'know, John Adams served as a lawyer to the soldiers in the Boston Massacre. It's just called defending the automatically guilty.
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Me too. Not too fond of "liberal" if he means it in a economical sense, but rather in a social sense.
Social libs are cool. But money-pissers got a problem.
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I'm a negative creep.

I use this place the vent a lot. Talk about things that I don't have an outlet for in real life. So that's probably why it's so bad.
You're a negative creep, you're a negative creep, you're a negative creep and you're stoned!
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Cool story bro, but I'm not your punching bag.