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Thread: I've gots me an idea...

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    they endorsed Nader 8 (and/or 12) years ago.

    The new album is littered with hidden political comments. They obviously support Occupy Wall Street. Therefore we can assuming they don't support Romney (who the fuck does?). We can likely assume they're voting for Obama or a 3rd party.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OC HAU View Post
    Spectrum or circle, doesn't matter, so many ways to visualize or interpret it. What about sphere for example or tesseract to keep it simple. And I bet there are other important words, not just freedom and responsibility, what about peace you bloodthirsty Americans.

    I totally want to know who they will pick. They should totally bukkake us with it on social sites.
    Seriously. It'll be fuckin Ralph Nader. That'll stick it in the face of those scumbag sk8 punks.

    And Old Mark, it could very well be Romney. After all, they say "this is not a anthem, or a threat in someone's name, but a promise that tomorrow will rock and burn if things don't change." Obama's already the king. So they just might be advocating a change in leadership, based on the economy. Sounds like Romney's chief argument to me.
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