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Either Justin thought the whole thing was a lie (in which case, he was wrong), or he actually went out of his way to give someone a hard time for believing to have Asperger's after hearing an expert, but not a medical doctor, claim he has it. So basically, he was either mostly wrong, or was being an ignorant asshole. It's one of the two, and I don't see how it's something to rub in my face.

I'm tired of hearing this because it has no basis in reality. I don't know where it's coming from, and frankly, I'm annoyed that 1565 created her own narrative and had it catch on as though it really happened. I've noticed that you don't pick up on jokes well. I did make a few jokes about being distraught and hurt about 1565 trying to lay down the law about me having Asperger's. But even still, I NEVER said anything that hints at, or suggests that I think I should have an excuse to act badly because of Asperger's.

Also, were you not paying attention when 1565 went out of her way to insult me and tried to lay down the law about how people with Asperger's should be judged? It's funny to me that you've called me out on talking shit, but didn't seem to notice this.
I'm pretty sure that wasn't me who said the second thing. I would never say something like that. I think you both need to stop being so hostile. Then again, I wasn't here years ago to see exactly what happened. Also, you don't know if I don't pick up on jokes. It's a freaking forum! You can't convey whether you are joking or not positively without using the plethora of emotes you can make with letters and symbols. I can't recall you using those. It may seem like a stupid thing to do, but that's sometimes what you need to convey emotion through typed words to avoid misunderstandings.
What I notice and what I choose to point out are two different things. Yes, she's a bit harsh with you, but judging by everyone else's reactions, her harshness isn't unwarranted.

Look, there's a huge difference between these:
You're so stupid!
You're so stupid XP

That's not cool.
That's not cool.