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Thread: Here's a bunch of full-length Offspring concerts spanning many years.

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    Default Here's a bunch of full-length Offspring concerts spanning many years.

    I'm not sure how many other people feel this way, too, but I prefer watching videos of the Offspring live as opposed to the music videos. Though, I like their music videos, too. I just prefer the live energy they bring to the stage and, of course, the back-up vocals of Greg K and Noodles, as well as Noodles' creative guitar-riffing. I found a bunch of full concerts on youtube and thought I'd share them. If you find more, let me know and I'll add the links.
    Also, there are countless full concerts broken up into individual songs on youtube. There are too many for me to link all of those. I really recommend the Reading Festival videos. I've never heard a crowd sing so loudly!

    Denver 1994:
    Göteborg 1994:
    Oster Rocknacht, Germany 1997:
    Tokyo, Japan 1999 (shaky video: )
    Woodstock 1999:
    Live at Wembley 2001:
    Rock in Rio 2008:
    KROQ Weenie Roast 2008:
    Planeta Terra Brazil 2008:
    Lowlands 2011:
    KROQ Weenie Roast 2012:
    Shepherd's Bush Ignition Show 2012:
    Rock am Ring 2012:
    Live at Kubana :

    This one is in pieces, but they are approximately 10-minute chunks, and the performance is so good I had to include it.
    Almost Acoustic Christmas 2008
    Part 1 (go to 7:20) :
    Part 2: I don't think this one was uploaded by the user
    Part 3:
    Part 4:
    Part 5:
    Part 6:
    Part 7:
    Part 8: sorry

    I had to make a playlist of this one. It's a concert broken into individual songs I think is something every hardcore Offspring fan should see. It's from 1993 and the quality is pretty impressive, considering that fact! It's hilarious when Greg shoves a guy off the stage during "Jennifer Lost the War."
    Live at Preston 1993:
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