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Thread: They're playing Secrets from the Underground at the Bengals/Steelers game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sneedo83 View Post
    Yeah I think it was Madden 10, unfortunately they censored the hell out of it.
    Sad. Madden 13 should have something from DGB.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheOldMark View Post
    The NFL has an ongoing license to play Offspring songs, I think its with BMG or Sony.

    A topic I keep bringing up over the years, is how often hockey arenas in the US play Offspring songs. To this day, the New York Islanders still play Come Out and Play at every game.
    Nice .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Godxilla View Post
    Sad. Madden 13 should have something from DGB.
    NHL 13 has Days Go By on it
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    Not many bands get the honor to have one of their hits on a game or whatever.

    The offspring are privilege enough to be recognized by the bosses.

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