I'm going 100% nerd for this thread!

I know Dexter is a genius. He was valedictorian in high school and has a Master's degree in molecular biology. So, he knows a hell of a lot about biology, chemistry, mathematics, and probably some physiology. He can even fly a plane, run a record company, and created a hot sauce, not to mention the music!

As a biology major myself, gearing toward a career as a paleontological reconstruction artist, I greatly admire his intellectual accomplishments and they inspire me. But it also makes me wonder what his thoughts on various science topics are.

Am I the only one who, if given the chance, would like to talk to him about biology, evolution, and chemistry? He clearly remembers a lot about it based on the way he answered Noodles' question in that one interview.
If Dexter actually had his own science show, I'd totally watch it!