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Thread: More-fun-than-precise acoustic covers (Offspring, BR, Depeche Mode and more)

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    Default More-fun-than-precise acoustic covers (Offspring, BR, Depeche Mode and more)

    Hey guys. I guess this is the right thread for this sort of thing.

    I'm a 22-year-old Polish guy who's been into the Offspring for a better part of my life now (since I was 9 or something) and recently I decided to share my love in a way I haven't really done before. So, check this out:

    This is my acoustic rendition of Leave it Behind. I'm really going for the fun - one take, no HD, no overdubs or anything. Just me playing the song like I would sitting in front of you.

    Hope you enjoy it, and if you will, leave a word or two. I'm curious how you react to it. Cheers!

    (PS. I don't consider myself a cover artist, I've got plenty of own stuff under my belt. This is strictly great fun)

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    I enjoyed that, and I hope that your beard will grow strong and prosperous.
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    Sometimes I love Jojan <3
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    Jojan is not ignorant. He is the king. You are the enemy.
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    I appreciate Jojan.
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    LOL!! Jojan you are my favorite!!
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    Jojan fucking owns!
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    Jojan, you are awesome
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    Jojan for President!
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    Maybe because it came from Jojan, and Jojan rules.
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    Jojan is right

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    That's very kind of you, Sir!

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    It made me laugh but in a good way, you did pretty good. I really like that very much thank you for sharing it with us the fans.
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