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Thread: This morning, I am asking myself questions

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    I am too sleepy to explain how god damn stupid that is.
    I wrote a four word letter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Godxilla View Post
    I support Mitt Romney because he will help the economy more than Obama.
    And yes, white southern NASCAR-loving hicks (aka homophobes) can indeed be stupid.

    And to answer RageandLove's question about why I oppose gay marriage: we have some serious problems now. By focusing on gay marriage, we bring ourselves closer to oblivion all for the sake of TMZ wondering if George Clooney will marry Mark Wahlberg. Sounds like a fucked-up deal to me. Until the United States gets it big boy panties on, steps up to the plate, and gets its damn house in order, gay marriage is nothing but a side dish. After this happens, I would actually support the right of two men or two women to get married. Even if it's not a right; it's a privilege. But if I support it now, I would be saying that I want to be burdened by the horrendous practices of our government, when in reality, I'm not. This is why I don't mind gays, but tefuse to accept gay marriage.
    Quote Originally Posted by jsmak84 View Post
    I do not drink alcohol and coffee

    I do not smoke and do not do drugs

    I just do bumpin in my trunk

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