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No, Godxilla, I didn't "blame" you for what your brother did, but you are a jackass all the same. I do feel for your parents. And I guess so much for wanting to be left alone by me. What you really want is a pass to be as much of a loud asshole with no blowback or consequences. In that case, 4chan is for you.

Nowhere does it say I or any of the other moderators were required to tell someone why they were banned, just as when you get kicked out of a restaurant or bar, the manager doesn't have to engage you with why you're being removed. You just remove the problem with as little interaction with a clearly nutty person as you can possibly manage. I handled myself exactly as I was supposed to, and it's not my problem that you're both angry teenagers with overblown senses of entitlement.
I'm sorry we have to go here again. I thought that I was on your ignore list. That's too bad. Actually it sucks.
Mrs. Kennedy can think whatever she wants about you, but the fact is that you banned him and then alienated me for no particular reason. However, Gotengo has benefitted greatly from our interactions. Now, that being said, I was just trying to educate Mrs. Kennedy on the nature of you hating me and to provide one example of your ignorance. Am I my brother's keeper? No. Did you act like it? Indeed. I'm sorry. you can have your own car, boat, plane, and Offspring.com forum account, but you can't have your own facts. And what I described was the truth. Again, deepest condolences. You have good qualities (I'm sure you'd make a great mother, if you aren't already, and a good person in person). But the internet distorts our voices, and I think we are both at fault for this. You can deny it of course, and get defended by a 1-line zinger from Lizardous, but it won't make anything better.
Hear me in my Jeffersonian text: I, the person known as Godxilla, in order to establish intercommunal Peace, ensure verbal Tranquility, facilitate in Orderly and Civil Debate, and to remove all mentions of Mecha moreover from this Forum. To this Pledge I dedicate my Life, my Honor, and my Sacred Fortune.