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Thread: Your experience meeting the Offspring and/or seeing them live in concert.

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    Default Your experience meeting the Offspring and/or seeing them live in concert.

    Post about your personal experiences if you have had the lucky opportunity to meet the Offspring in person or if you want to tell us how it was seeing them live. Noodles is always a riot at the shows, so I expect to hear awesome things he said or did! I'll post about my own later on, though I've already mentioned how amazing it was a few times on the forum and in my sig.

    I've never met them, but my latest live concert could be called "meeting" them.
    I've seen them live three times.
    1st time: Y100 Feastival 2003. I had pretty bad seats but it was a great show and there were 5 great bands here.
    2nd time: Splinter Tour 2004. I was in the front row and it was a smaller show. The crowd moshed and I either severely bruised or cracked two of my ribs, but the show was amazing. It was the first concert I took photos at, but I can't find the little photo album they are in.
    3rd time: Festival Pierre 2012.
    A lot of cool things happened at this show. I know it's going to sound like bragging, but, c'mon, the Offspring are my favorite band and I did something special for them and they acknowledged me for it. I'm quite proud of myself. Remember that Greg drawing Noodles tweeted about a few months ago? I made that. It wasn't done back then though.
    A storm threatened to shut the whole thing down, so it was delayed by an hour and we were soaked. They kept us away from the stage for a while. When they finally let us near it again, we all stampeded and I made it to the front. The mic was too low, but the view was unbelievable. I held up my sign and jumped as best as I could and took a ton of photos. Dexter was looking right at me when I opened my sign up for the first time and the rain made it rip! Noodles looked over at me a few times, once when I was guzzling water from my water bottle like a dying fish, haha. I heard some people stayed home because of the storm. Their loss! When Noodles first saw me, he came over to me, pointed at Greg, and shouted to me, "He's right there! He's right there!" I shouted back, "I know!" with a giant grin on my face. After a few songs, Noodles thanked everyone for coming out in the storm and pointed me out to everyone by the name of "Melyssa K," mentioning how much I like Greg K. I was both surprised and slightly embarrassed at the same time. I then showed Greg my sign and smiled and waved to him, and he smiled and waved back. I wish I got a photo of the smile he gave me, but I was too busy smiling myself! Then the show continued and at the end of Self Esteem, Noodles grabbed Greg K's cup and made sure I got it amongst the sea of reaching hands. They didn't stay to meet the people waiting by their bus, probably because the show was delayed for so long.
    Photos I took:
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    I said, "Hi, Greg. I'm the creepy girl." He chuckled, then wanted a handshake and I gave it. I wanted a hug and he gave it. One of his sons was there, too. Cute. Then Pete got him to autograph my sign for me because I was too polite to ask myself since he was on his way to eat. Pete also took this of photo of him holding it. - 8/2/2014.
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