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They are either in a rush out due to some commitment the next day, then they will leave either between basically 0 and 45 minutes after getting off the stage. Or they aren't in a hurry, then they usually stay around have a few drinks talk to other bands, their guests, have drinks party with the crew etc. Then it'll sometimes even be 3-4 hours after the show is over.

More often than not, there are STILL fans hanging around.

Very rarerly they will either stay so long that everyone is gone, or they will leave so fast people haven't had a chance to get there (or they have to leave so fast there isn't time to tal to fans for 10-20 mins). But that's the exception.
Even in these cases, it hardly ever applies to all the band members.

I remember waiting outside at the Cologne show during the Greatest Hits tour for an hour or two. We either missed them then or it was getting too late, can't remember. I did get a working pass from a local crew member though, so it was worth it then, haha.