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Well, having a largest community on VK payed off 6 years after I created it, so I got the change to meet the guys, greet them, have a sign and a couple of photos.

The nice thing was after the gig, when I found out that guys are riding the same train from Moscow to St.-P. as I (and some more fans) am. We went to them, found Dexter and Noodles smoking and people did a little signing and shooting, while I talked to Noodles a bit. But then the angry russian security guard came and chased us out. Well, I understand perfectly that the band members were tired, so I wouldn't even try to bother them after they finished their cigarretes... but the guard was a dumb rude f@cker, so he didn't care.

In the morning we (and about 20 more fans, who came to the railway station after finding out about The Offspring on the train) had a chance to sign/shoot/converse a little more, so we did.

One of the funny things:

While I'm glade to have met them, I really would like to have another chance in a more relaxed atmosphere, because the most interesting thing for me is to communicate with people, who write the songs I love and respect.
Was this at the Moscow meet and greet?