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I know I made it confusing, but do you still not get the full story here? What makes you so angry at me? I'm more curious than anything, because you claimed to have previously been my ally.
Well, kiddo, I take great offense that you said that you had Asperger's, and then reneged on it days later. Not only that, but because you didn't think it was generating enough pity. I mean, that's gross. I've had, and still have, medical issues, and if somebody pretended to have what I had, and then reneged on it. I mean, pigheadedness comes in all shapes and sizes, but this is in the shape of a jackass, and the size of Barney Frank's balls. Unholy.
I know that your expert wasn't much of an expert after all, but there is a clear difference between a street thug who diagnosed you and an expert. Even a 2 year old knows better. I'm ashamed in you, pissed at you, and sad that you had to stoop that low. Unless of course I'm missing even more important facts. Probably.