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What's irritating is that people take the time and energy to get involved in this and post about it, but whenever I've been clear and laid out my points in a way that should make them easy to discuss, people tend to just post something arrogant without addressing the points I've made.

I believe that if you read what I've written in this thread, you will see how far-fatched, or downright ridiculous it is to believe that my intention was as some people are making it out to be. The only thing I'm guilty of is responding badly when pressed on a sensitive subject by a known asshole who's goal was to make me look bad. And even with that, I was quick to rectify the situation.
Okay, I just read both threads.

Everyone thinks you're either a nutjob or an asshole except you. Even Godxilla, who was previously your ally. Even Treez and I, who've defended you in the past and tried to give you chances. You really crossed the line with this Asperger's thing, dude. You started out by making a completely insincere thread, in which you made other people here who've been dealing with Asperger's for years very uncomfortable. You started by referring to anyone with Asperger's as a "basically retarded", and then you went on to say, "But that's what I like about Asperger's. It makes you different enough to get attention, but not different enough that you function as a full on tard." Already, even before the Baldwin incident, you acted like an asshole. THEN you blatantly lied regarding Baldwin (and the fact that he's a giant troll does not excuse that in the slightest - it's easy to ignore people you don't want to address, which you do quite often). And then you came and made a new thread, claiming you DON'T have the disease, for really some really weird reason... and then went back again and said you have it. I don't even get why you announced to everyone here that you have it in the first place, honestly. There's something seriously wrong with you, and pretty much everyone here agrees. That's a pretty bad sign, when Godxilla and I agree on something.