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There's a widespread myth that autard intelligence skews higher than normal folks, statistically speaking. It's based off anecdotal evidence, of course, and can't be proved true because so many autards aren't functional enough to properly perform on any of the flawed intelligence-measuring tests available to us. I'm willing to give you guys the benefit of the doubt however and say that the myth probably has a factual basis. But remember, it's statistics we're talking about, not some sort of guaranteed trait. There are indeed plenty of autards with staggering intellectual capabilities, but you can have aspergers and still be dumb as fuck.

In any event, humans are a social animal and it's our social skills that put us on the top of the food chain and allowed us to outcompete all lesser homonids into extinction. Two days ago I ate deep-fried shark while watching a bear ride a unicycle on youtube, and that was possible because of humans social abilities. Not our analytical abilities, not our opposable thumbs, but the ability to communicate and co-operate with others from our species.

I'm not saying autards are less than human, exactly. I'm just saying you're lesser humans.
You would have never even known I have Asperger's if I never said it. So, I apparently can masquerade as a not lesser human. It would be make just as much sense for me to call you a lesser human because you can't think as fast or as logically as I can or retain information as well the first time you hear it. Just because I don't pick up on social cues as well as you do doesn't mean you are better than I am. Intelligence is just as important to humans as being social.