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Thread: The BBS intellectuals on Facebook on Election Day

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    Bighead, you should just chill, kid.
    Just lie low and post in the Greenday thread until 1565 leaves and your life's goal reaches fruition. But just don't obsess like this.

    And 1337 is a cool word, bitches.
    Quand ils ont dis "Vous vous asseyez," je me suis levé.

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    For fuck sake. I hate how I have to read all of bighead's posts now just so I can fully enjoy every nuance of Justin's replies. It's reminiscent of when I had to stop watching the Daily Show because I just couldn't stomach the Fox News clips anymore.
    Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.” – Bill Hicks

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    Quote Originally Posted by bighead384 View Post
    At no point in this thread did I attempt to define "BBS intellectuals".
    Why not? Can you define it now, because I still don't know what you mean?
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