1) I don't care that Bighead has Asperger's or not
2) I also really don't care that he lied about it (or not) although I would admit that people who actually have it might have felt insulted.
3) On the topic of Bighead, I seriously think that regular users of this BBS secretely like Bighead's presence because he animates it quite a lot (except maybe LM, who seems genuinely annoyed).
4) generally, I think that too much crap is given to attention whores. The truth is that we all are attention whores sometimes
5) I am weirdly flattered to know that PIB hopes I would work on a brothel if we were in the 1700's.
6) And on the subject of being flattered on the BBS, I was glad that T-6005 noticed my joke about droïds in an old thread because I thought I had made a funny joke and nobody noticed. I like to be noticed.
7) I think that people are always too agressive on the Internet and sometime, I wonder why I feel the need to participate at all. I wonder how you guys are IRL and sometimes, I think that it would be nice to meet some of you.
8) I like the Phantom Menace. And I really don't mind that Disney has bought Lucas Film. That will be one more Star Wars to wait for.
9) I absolutely don't care about the US elections but I still hope Obama is reelected because Romney seems to be an asshole.
10) I think that the place some people have in society is completely unfair. I used to believe that people who were given responsabilities actually deserved it but now I am not so sure. And I feel sad about that.
11) The X-Files is the best TV show that ever existed.
12) In case you haven't guessed by yourself, I am bored out of my mind. So this is my way to be an attention whore. In fact, I think this should be the attention whores thread. This way, at least, it would have a point.