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    Not caring about what I say is one thing. And it's a valid thing, I don't mind being ignored. And not allowing other people's opinions to overshadow your own is also important. But not caring about what other people are receiving or understanding when you speak - or when you write - might be a mistake. We're all learning to express ourselves all the time, and it's crucial that we find out what other people are understanding when we do. If we don't, we'll continue living in a fantasy world and never glean any sort of pleasure from feeling the touch of other minds in our communication. I hope you keep that in mind and try not to get offended immediately the next time someone disagrees with you. Maybe look at what's being said and why it's being said before following your fingers off the jump.

    First of all, can you at least spell my name correctly when quoting me?
    Second, it was an abbreviated list I made, not everything I was referring to.
    Lastly, I didn't literally mean you can't live without those things, but society's demands for a fast internet, a cell phone, and some other key technologies make living without them extremely problematic. If doctors or your kids or parents need to get a hold of you urgently, a cell phone can save precious time rather than playing phone tag. Online banking makes life so much less hectic for people that are very busy or can't get around easily. Without a decent internet connection, research on school projects would be more difficult, as would be online sections of classes. If you don't drive, going to the library isn't the easiest thing. Do you understand what I was saying, yet?
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