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I don't know, I think LAPD has some romantic elements to it.

And I feel very sorry for you losing your loved one, whoever he or she may be, Dulce.
My mom passed away from heart disease and cant seem to accep it. My dad is still with me but it's so much different now. Thank you for caring, you're so sweet.

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You haven't broken any rules Maria. I just don't understand how any of those songs are romantic in any way? They all refer to relationships, but are hardly romantic. I mean... Want You Bad? That song is about him wanting his girlfriend to get tattoos and wear leather and do naughty, naughty things to him. the rest are about broken our otherwise dysfunctional relationships. romance is not really their style. Perhaps you were thinking of another word?

If you want romance, try I Caught Fire by The Used.
What word fits perfect? Dexter is a true romantic when it comes to writing certain songs. By far, It has impacted my single status and let alone a rarely low-key virgin. My virginity is my business but for the record: I am proud to remain one.