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Thread: My state (Alabama) is a dissapointment to the USA (again)

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    Default My state (Alabama) is a dissapointment to the USA (again)

    Some butthurt asshole Republicans decided they wanted in on this new meme, wherein they're trying to petition the federal government to secede from the Union. All because a fucking black guy got elected.

    (If you're not from Alabama, don't even TRY to explain to me how this isn't a race issue. I talk to people in this state every day. Trust me, it's a race thing. Most of these idiots don't even know what Obama's policies ARE, much less know enough about him to want to secede based on his policies alone.)

    I really need to move the fuck out of this backwater state before I get lynched for living in the 21st century. Seriously. Didn't we have a war that settled this?
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    That sounds serious. I advise moving the fuck outta there right quick!
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