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Rather, the manager didn't want to *pay* for more people working on the problem. One of the main problems I have with conservative policy towards business is this idea that they will work towards the common good to create jobs, when they'll only do something that's in someone's interest other than its own if they are incentivized to by funding or by force of new regulations.
That's classic stuff right there. Not only short sighted, but actually pretty ignorant. Business has a basic montra and this is as a going concern. You assume that the business is there for the long term and capable of carrying o beyond the forseeable future. You begin to over-regulate or make unrealistic demands/expectations, you take the GC principle and piss on it. Of course the business is there for the basic benefit of its owner(s). That's why THEY took the risk and opened a business. That is why THEY hold the risk and manage it as best they can. For their benefit. It is not a communal risk generally. But you want communal benefits where the owner(s) assume all the risk. Your living in fantasy land.