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    This... this is a joke, right? Right?? Not only is this a prime example of, "There are people who have it worse than you so you obviously don't have it bad," but it's also such a first-world problem. Awwww man, I'm getting higher education (which most people in the world can't even dream of) while working in a heated place where I'm highly unlikely to break bones, lose limbs, or suffer deep wounds that get infected (which most people in the world can't even dream of), and I CAN'T PLAY MY GUITAR ANYMORE (which most people in the world can't even dream of owning a guitar)." This comes off as soooooo ridiculously spoiled and self-victimizing. Also, how is working in a grocery store so much worse than working in a pizza place? I mean, really? Hey, I can say I have it worse because my boss is trying to deduct money from my paycheck because he's too cheap to buy new books for his company, and he's also repeatedly refusing to pay me until weeks after my paycheck was due. Since I am 100% independent and get exactly zero money from anyone (including my parents, and the fact that I live in a abroad and can't use any social benefits), waiting weeks to get paid puts me in situations where I get eviction threats and find myself stressing when I'm down to the last 20 euros to my name. Do I get to say I have it worse? Do I have a right to complain? Is that really for YOU to decide?
    I never said other people don't have it bad. But I was out of work with the injury for a year and could barely afford to feed myself and lost weight. I chose not to mention some things because...why? I have never complained about this before. You don't get to decide what I think, so stop trying. I don't care if most people can't play a guitar. I used it as a coping mechanism for stress and it was one of my biggest passions, so don't belittle the fact that I can't play anymore. Just because I mention how injured I got from working, I'm automatically self-victimizing? And why is it that bighead can complain about work but I can't? You are being a hypocrite. You are treating me exactly how you claim I am treating bighead.
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