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I have noticed that people who are actually interested in bettering their lives find it easy to work more. (Such as having a goal or working toward something.) People who are satisfied or see no personal benefit seem to have a hard time just getting their dumb-ass moving. This is what is occurring as we speak...people are getting used to others providing for them and assuming everything will be taken care of. They are happy with their lot in life. They see no sense of urgency in their labor so why bother. Personally, these types of people sicken me.
I live in a semi-socialist country (farrrrr more socialist than most Americans could imagine), and I am satisfied in my work. According to your assessment, I should be working just enough to get by and expecting everything to be handed to me. However, I teach ~25-30 hours a week, and with lesson-planning and administrative work, I actually work ~45-50 hours a week. And I'm looking for more clients to take on, as well as working on my SP and getting my own language agency running. I'm also constantly reading and researching (and I go to seminars when I can) to build upon my skills and improve my work. I'm a liberal semi-socialist who supports unions and high taxes... and I work my damn ass off.