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I might have to disagree with you. Am I satisfied with my job? Not really, but I do keep looking for a job in the field that I went to school for? Yes of course I do infact I just filled out another application just now. But it's frusterating when no one will hire you. I do feel like I'm wasting myself away becuase I don't have my "real job"? Oh god yes but I keep looking and I haven't gave up yet.
I don't think your situation as you've described it here applies to what Moto said.

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I live in a semi-socialist country (farrrrr more socialist than most Americans could imagine), and I am satisfied in my work. According to your assessment, I should be working just enough to get by and expecting everything to be handed to me. However, I teach ~25-30 hours a week, and with lesson-planning and administrative work, I actually work ~45-50 hours a week. And I'm looking for more clients to take on, as well as working on my SP and getting my own language agency running. I'm also constantly reading and researching (and I go to seminars when I can) to build upon my skills and improve my work. I'm a liberal semi-socialist who supports unions and high taxes... and I work my damn ass off.
It would appear you're conflating socialism (or semi-socialism) with the removal of the impetus to better one's life / do good work, which I don't think Moto did in his post.