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Thread: Most Intersting person?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vera View Post
    I suppose legitimately the most interesting person on this planet would be one whose lives has gone through the most extreme experiences imaginable. I'm talking drug addiction, extreme poverty, incredible wealth, getting cancer, surviving cancer, travelling the world, learning a ton of languages and achieving great things through those experiences. Making a real impact in the world.
    I had cancer, but it only left an interesting scar.
    I said, "Hi, Greg. I'm the creepy girl." He chuckled, then wanted a handshake and I gave it. I wanted a hug and he gave it. One of his sons was there, too. Cute. Then Pete got him to autograph my sign for me because I was too polite to ask myself since he was on his way to eat. Pete also took this of photo of him holding it. - 8/2/2014.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Llamas View Post
    Huh? When did Baldwin claim that he's hot? When did Vera ask for his pictures to see if he's hot? You're not making sense...
    I'm sorry, I'm a bit confused. Just forget what I wrote, I'll be more precisely next time.
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    I have the big zipper scar from my first cancer surgery, then three small scars from the second surgery

    occur or didn't; wtf are you talking about.

    sorry for all of my misspelling

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